1. Operate : We operate the facility in accordance with applicable safety, occupational health and environment regulations.
  2. Verify and Report : We verify and record all information on electricity generation, loss in generation due to grid disturbance, and consumption of electricity within the facility.
  3. Monitor and Supervise : We offer SCADA enabled Remote Monitoring Facility for all the operational units. Photo-voltaic monitoring systems (SCADA) are software-driven devices provide real-time and historical data, performance-based alerts, web-based (or cellular) monitoring.
  4. Preventive and Corrective Maintenance : Inspection, testing, cleaning, and preventive maintenance and/ or corrective repairs and replacement are carried out, if necessary, as a part of good manufacturing practices.
  5. Infrastructure & Training : We provide all necessary Operations and Maintenance training and required set of on-site testing instruments and equipment. We also provide associated power evacuation arrangements to the clients’ staff for successful takeover of the plant in due course of time.
  6. Manpower deployment & maintenance schedule : Our Operations and Maintenance team comprises qualified and trained personnel